Insurance Defense Marketing E-Book for 2022

Insurance Defense Marketing E-Book

How can I get on more insurance panels? The “Insurance Defense Marketing E-book” provides insight on how to get named as panel counsel. Contact author Margaret Grisdela via email or call her at 561-266-1030.

EPLI Panel Counsel Ebook

Employment Practices Liability and Panel Counsel

Many insurance defense law firms are not able to defend clients in employment litigation when the claim is subject to an employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy that requires the use of panel counsel. If the employer’s law firm is not on the panel, the law firm can lose the right to represent their client. Click on the link for the EPLI Panel Counsel free e-book.

The Panelist Newsletter Spring 2015

The Panelist: A Newsletter for Insurance Defense Firms

The Panelist newsletter serves the marketing and business development needs of insurance defense law firms that want to get on more insurance panels. Click on the link to view all issues of The Panelist.

How small insurance defense law firms and solo practitioners can get on an insurance panel.

Panel Counsel Marketing for Solo & Small Firms

It can be difficult for a solo practitioner or small law firm to be named to an insurance panel as approved legal counsel. Carriers are typically concerned about: a) your capacity to meet their needs; b) reduced flexibility in blending rates across associates and partners; and c) the management time needed to oversee a high number of small law firms. Click on the link to read the white paper.

Insurance defense marketing video.

Insurance Defense Marketing Video

Legal Expert Connections, a national legal marketing agency, can help you grow your insurance defense law practice. We maintain a database of targeted General Counsel, panel counsel managers, litigation managers, risk managers, claims managers, and other insurance professionals responsible for hiring and retaining insurance defense law firms for participation in a preferred panel counsel program. Click on the link to watch the video.

Courting Your Clients

Courting Your Clients

Courting Your Clients by author Margaret Grisdela is a "how to" reference guide that tells you what works best in building your law practice. Learn how to attract new accounts and retain current clients. Note that this free copy is the 2nd edition printed in 2010. The author welcomes your comments.