A panel counsel program is used by insurance companies and self-insured corporations to manage their legal representation. Legal Expert Connections, Inc. understands what you need to do to become panel counsel. We work on a retainer basis to create business development tools and marketing communications campaigns that support your internal efforts to attract more panel positions.

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You can also contact Margaret Grisdela by phone at 561-266-1030 or via email to talk about a business development campaign for your defense law firm. There is no cost for an initial phone consultation, and we encourage your phone call or email.

As of January 2024, we are refreshing our approach to panel counsel marketing. We now focus on supporting your internal law firm efforts to expand your panel counsel law firm marketing efforts with a structured mix of marketing tools and techniques. We've developed the "Courting Your Clients" approach that includes digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and a targeted outreach program.

How to Get on Defense Panels at Insurance Carriers

We have helped more than 250 insurance defense law firms in 43 states create and launch targeted marketing campaigns for a wide range of practice areas, including:

We are available to launch your customized marketing communications campaign quickly. Don't let the competition get to these valuable prospects before you do!

A Structured Approach to Panel Counsel Campaigns

Our goal is to help you maintain an on-going business development campaign. You get the benefit of a structured three-step process that brings an enhanced level of discipline and focus to your business development efforts.

Step #1. Law Firm Marketing Materials

We start by preparing attractive marketing materials that your defense law firm can use in making an initial introduction to a panel counsel manager. Your personalized firm resume will highlight key partners, practice areas, courts covered, trial experience, diversity profiles, and other requested firm information.

Helping your firm to stand apart from competitors is a primary focus. Credentials, specialized services, and other distinguishing factors are all emphasized in the firm resume.

Step #2. Marketing Communications

We create and manage social media marketing campaigns on LinkedIn (and other digital platforms) to build your visibility online. We also write professionals client newsletter campaigns. By providing valuable information and insights, you can position yourself as a thought leader in your field and increase your visibility among potential litigation panel manager clients with an effective marketing communications program.

Step #3. Guidance on Contacting Panel Managers

Get on Insurance Defense Panel for Panel CounselYour team will get the guidance they need to reach out to litigation manager prospects in a professional way. We draft a transmittal letter and call script that you can use to introduce your law firm to insurance carriers in order to be considered as an approved panel member.

We are very familiar with attorney advertising guidelines and strive to develop bar-compliant marketing materials. Our campaigns have withstood the scrutiny of one of the toughest state bar associations in the country.

What Our Clients Say About Panel Counsel Marketing

"I wanted to directly thank you for your assistance, as I am 100% positive we wouldn't have obtained this carrier client without you."

"Just wanted to let you know that our marketing resulted in a new client. I just signed paperwork today."

The “Courting Your Clients” Legal Marketing Agency

If your insurance defense law firm wants to increase your visibility, contact Margaret Grisdela via email or by phone at 561-266-1030. We have helped more than 250 insurance defense law firms in 43 states pursue new insurance panel counsel clients.

Legal Expert Connections, Inc. offers three key benefits to defense law firms nationwide:

  1. We serve as your outsourced legal marketing department. You get the equivalent of a “Chief Marketing Officer” level professional team for an affordable monthly investment. Our ideal client is a small law firm—from a solo practitioner to a 25-attorney firm—that needs marketing assistance but does not want to incur the cost and management time needed to maintain in-house staffing.
  2. You get a structured business development process. We accelerate your growth with a 12-step legal marketing campaign that brings discipline, focus, and productivity to your marketing efforts.
  3. Increase revenue with Bar-compliant legal marketing campaigns. We understand attorney advertising campaigns and can provide guidance in this regard. Ultimate compliance responsibility rests with the law firm.

Contact Margaret Grisdela, a law firm marketing consultant, at 561-266-1030 or via email. Connect with Margaret Grisdela on LinkedIn.