Legal Expert Connections, Inc. works with employment defense law firms across the country when they are looking for help with the question, “How Can I Become EPLI Panel Counsel?

Many insurance defense law firms are not able to defend employer clients in employment litigation when the claim is subject to an employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy that requires the use of EPLI panel counsel. If the employer’s law firm is not on the panel, the law firm can lose the right to represent their client.

EPLI Panel Counsel CampaignsBeing a pre-approved EPLI panel counsel member with the carrier that provides EPL coverage fo a client is clearly an ideal situation. Getting on an employment practices liability panel can be quite difficult, howrever, and may or may not be an option.

Whether you want to get on the AIG panel counsel program, the Chubb EPLI panel or other insurers, we can help.

The approval process for outside counsel insurance panel consideration is challenging. Attention to detail is essential during the insurance defense marketing process. You will save time and money when we guide you through a structured business development cycle.

Step 1: Professional Marketing Materials

We recommend the creation of a targeted “firm resume” to make a professional impression on EPLI panel managers.

Information of interest includes but is not limited to: attorney names, trial experience and education; billing rates; office locations; diversity analysis; language abilities; technology assessments; electronic billing capabilities; professional liability coverage; and conflict of interest management.

Your staff is busy working on case management and billable hours, but we can assist you in a completely confidential manner with the entire application process.

Step 2: Target List of EPLI Panel Counsel Managers

You can’t simply buy a list of litigation managers at insurance carriers. We have invested the time to build a proprietary database of insurance panel managers who are ready and willing to take your application.

Insurance carriers represent a leading purchaser of insurance defense services, but we don’t stop here. Self-insureds–like big box retailers, national restaurant and fast food chains, sports arenas, and shopping centers–also purchase insurance defense services. Municipalities are another prospective client category.

Step 3: Campaign Outreach Efforts

Getting your introductory law firm resume in the hands of the right person is essential. We will help you to understand any specialized delivery formats requested for an application. We can also help you monitor your campaign to enhance your opportunity for an EPLI panel counsel appointment.

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